Start Your Own Fruit Trees


How To Grow Fruit Trees From Cuttings. By: Rick Gunter (Youtube)

Interesting aside: Rick claims the deer come in and eat the figs (not leaves) at night. Uses fruit jugs as  mini greenhouses. Good idea.

How to Root Tree Cuttings (Mulberries) Youtube

Uses “willow root starter.” Cut spring fresh willow shoots into 2 or 3″ pieces, including leaves, and let them sit in water for a few days. Use that water to start cuttings. If you have only old willow, smash up the pieces with a hammer before soaking them.  (Releases salicylic acid.)

Propagating Hardwood Cuttings (DeepGreenPermaculture site)

Recommends taking cuttings of 1-year-old wood from dormant trees from after the leaves drop until tree breaks dormancy. How to Grow an Apple Tree From a Cutting has similar advice re timing. Also How to propagate trees from cuttings from garden forum.

Best Time to Take Cuttings?

  • Spring for softwood (this season’s growth)
  • Summer (June – July) for semi-hardwood
  • Winter for hardwood.  (See link for full info)

Some plum trees are difficult to grow from cuttings – better grafted or budded. Use suckers from established tree for root stock. Others are easy: Just stick a cutting in the ground in September (in WA!) Some propagate well by air layering. From forum.

Propagation of Fruit Trees by Air Layering (Instructables)

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