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Ananasnaya Kiwi – Hardy kiwi @JustFruits

kiwi-arguta-anna(too much “green” flavor.) Also know as Anna, this hardy smooth skinned kiwi variety does well on the northern edge of Zone 6 as well as the warmer zones of 8b. Ananasnaya is a large red-blushed skin with a green center. Tangy sweet with a pineapple aroma hence the name, Ananasnaya, which means pineapple-like in Russian. Ripens late August-September. Needs a male pollinator. Zones 6-9.

Ken’s Red Kiwi – Red Fleshed Kiwi! @JustFruits

Hardy kiwi. It’s one of the largest arguta kiwis, and about as pretty as they come. Red skinned when ripe, with a juicy, very sweet red flesh. This is a low-chill variety, reliably grown in the Gulf states. Needs a male arguta  pollinator. Ripens in September-October. Zones 6-9.

Kiwifruit, Issai Hardy (Actinidia Arguta ‘Issai’)

Self-fruitful variety, the preferred hardy kiwi for home planting. Fuzzless fruit, no need to peel. Smaller than the fuzzy kiwi, and usually sweeter; very high in Vitamin C. More winter hardy than Hayward. 3-400 hrs.; lower chill than originally thought. BayLaurelNursery 17.95 also female polinizer for same price.

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