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Link: Jujube: Texas producers learn to grow, how to eat little-known fruit

Also https://www.texasgardener.com/pastissues/janfeb08/Jujube.html


Jujubes do not do well planted as bare root. Thus most plants are potted and expensive. All are $69.50 at BobWells


$45.99 Long and thin, the Tigertooth jujube variety looks just like dates ripening on the tree. Harvest when fruit are half green and brown for fresh eating or drying. Considered one of the best for dried jujube. Drying brings out the rich sweet maple syrup like flavor. Pack in a jars filled with honey for a delicious winter candy. Fruit ripens September. Grown on it’s own roots, less root suckering than grafted varieties. Zones 6-10. 

GA-866 JUJUBE TREE @JustFruits

$45.99 Sugar Cane jujube is our new favorite!! Early ripening and extremely sweet, and juicy. Medium size fruit that’s round to elongated. Very drought tolerant.  If you like jujubes, then you’ll love Sugarcane! Fruit ripens in August through September. Zones 6-10. Self-fertile. 

GA-866 Jujube @JustFruits

GA-866 jujube fruit is one of the best flavored of the group. Shiny plump reddish-brown fruit is 1.5-2 inches long, with a sugar content higher than in other jujube varieties, and a sweet apple-like flavor. Jujube is considered a great natural detoxifier, useful in alternative medicine. Can be candied and dried, eaten fresh, or cooked in a variety of ways. The tree itself is a lovely landscape specimen with thin shiny leaves and interesting bark, growing to about 15-20 feet tall. Fruit ripens in mid- to late September. Zones 6-10. BayLaurel BurntRidgeNursery

Jujube, Lang (Ziziphus Jujuba)

lang_jujube_1Zones 5-10.Chinese date.  Small tree of slow to moderate growth to 20 ft. Shiny, dry, wrinkled, chewy, reddish brown fruit with sweet apple-like flavor. Jujube is 1 1/2 inches long, pear-shaped fruits. reddish-brown, dry, wrinkled, sweet and chewy (like dates) when fully ripe in early fall. . Will grow anywhere, but needs long, hot summers to fully ripen. Ripens in the fall Aug 29-Oct; needs to ripen fully on tree for best flavor.  150 hours. Pollinated by Li.
Attractive, easy to grow tree: hardy, drought resistant, virtually pest and disease free. Requires long, hot summer. Very low chilling requirement. Pollinate with Li Jujube. BayLaurel,  Aaron’s Farm, Bob Wells

Indian Green Jujube

green_jujubeZones 5-10 A thornless variety, similar to the Lang Jujube. These small acid fruits are liked by children as well as by adults. A small spreading tree, with drooping branches grows readily and quickly even on poor ground. Even moderately saline soils are tolerated. The tree will thrive without any special care. All parts of the plant have medicinal uses. Jujube is widely cultivated China and India. Bob Wells

Jujube, Li – Thorny

Round-shaped fruits are larger than Lang jujube, ripen earlier, and can be picked yellow-green and ripened off the tree. Partly self-fruitful or pollinated by Lang. Tree is more spreading than Lang. 150 hours. BayLaurel,

Sugar Cane Jujube

sugar_cane_jujubeRound, sweet, crunchy flesh. Tree is precocious, hardy, drought resistant, virtually pest and disease free. Requires long, hot summer. Very low chill requirement. Partly self-fruitful. To make a larger crop, pollinate with Li, Lang or Green Indian Jujube.

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