Currants & Gooseberries

Plant currants and gooseberries in shade of larger trees. Try under oaks. Deer are not attracted to them. Need constant moisture from drip irrigation. Susceptible to mildew of water stressed. A bit dicey in Zone 8. We are between Zone 7b and 8a.

Wilder Red Currants

  • Zones: 3-8
  • Harvest: July
  • Fruit: Large, dark red, medium size berries
  • Facts of note: Berries are slightly smaller and earlier ripening than Red Lake. Attractive 3′-5′ tall plant and 2′-4′ wide with dense foliage and drooping flower clusters. Vigorous, very hardy, and productive cultivar with high yield. Excellent for jelly. Mildew resistant. Fruit ripens over a long bearing time, making it ideal for home gardens. Plant no less than 2.5′ apart.

Currants are easy to grow and ready to harvest in early to mid-summer. Long-lived and very winter hardy, they are intolerant of summer heat. Currants are cooperative berries to train as an espalier along a fence. Self-fruitful.


Black Currant Consort

    • Zones: 3-8
    • Fruit: Very prominent, sweet and unique flavor. Developed in Ottawa, Ontario and introduced in 1950. Medium clusters of somewhat soft black berries. Good for jams, juice and wine. Excellent when dried, very high source of Vitamin C. Excellent bird forage or windbreak plants. Currants do not thrive in hot summers; you can plant them on the north side of a building if you have sustained summer heat over 90 °F. Self-fertile. Susceptible to leaf spot and mildew. Resistant to white pine blister rust. Plant currants at least 3′ apart.


Womack doesn’t carry currants

Bob Wells doesn’t carry currants but carried unnamed Gooseberries


Bob Wells unnamed variety

Invicta Gooseberry @ Stark Bros Zone 3-8

Twice the production of other green gooseberries. This plant bears abundant crops of large berries that are delicious fresh or in pies or preserves. Mildew-resistant and cold-hardy. Ripens in July. Self-pollinating.



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